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채점부탁드려요..이정도하면 4.5 정도 나올까요

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■ Direction You have 20 minutes to plan and write your response. You response will be judge on the basis of The quality of writing and on how well your response presents the points in the lecture and the relationship to the reading passage. Typically, an effective response will be 150 to 225 words.
■ Question Summarize the points made in the lecture you just heard, explaining how they cast doubt on the points made in the reading

▶ Topic :Colleges and universities should require their students to spend at least one semester studying in a foreign country.
Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the recommendation and explain your reasoning for the position you take. In developing and supporting your position, describe specific circumstances in which adopting the recommendation would or would not be advantageous and explain how these examples shape your position.

▶ Your Answer :

Due to the development of technology in various fields, the notion of time and distance has been significantly changed compared to the 19th or 20th century.


Consequently, people can freely and easily move to different country or communicate with people in different continent. In other words, the world is closely connected. Therefore, understanding a certain circumspect or phenomenon in the global level, not a national level, has become vital. For example, in this year, the British government’s vote on Brexit has garnered serious attention worldwide. Also, Brexit has had significant consequence on global economy and politics; major stock indicators in numerous country, including Nasdaq plummeted more than 5%. Also, US subprime mortgage has had significant influence on the world economic concession. As shown in the two examples, the world economy and politics has become very neatly connected.


People are also closely connected - it is easy to find an American who works in South America or Asia or to find an Asian working in America.


Therefore, in order to be kept abreast in the closely connected global world, I believe Colleges and universities should require their students to spend at least one semester studying in a foreign country.


First and foremost, the biggest advantage of requiring study-abroad program will understand the culture. Every culture has different characteristic; for example, most of the Asian countries are relatively ‘community-based,’ whereas American countries are relatively individualistic.


Although the world is closely connected these days, most of the suburban or suburb areas will have relatively less chance to experience the culture of different countries. However, still, students in suburban or suburb areas have to intermingle with people from other countries eventually. For example, a student studying consumer behavior should know the different characteristic of cross-cultural consumers; it is widely known that people from different culture have different characteristics. For example, in American culture, as Americans regard ‘individualism’ highly, relatively, they care about ‘brand value’ of a product. On the other hand, in collective society, such as South East Asian countries, people weigh brand value relatively more compared to Americans.


Furthermore, studying abroad enables students to learn unique features of a nation, something that cannot be adequately learned in one’s nation, such as language and traditional culture.


In New York, there is a company selling ‘Moon Soju.’ Soju is Korean traditional alcoholic beverage. The CEO of the company was mesmerized by the taste of soju, and he decided to learn how to distill Soju in Korea while he was in college.


Additionally, studying abroad will help one to amplify one’s knowledge. Some nations have inadequate engineering program, with professors having lack of expertise in the field. However, by requiring the study abroad program, they can have an opportunity to learn in a country that has the best program of one’s field.


However, it will be hasty to claim that requiring studying abroad will provide benefit to student no matter how. Some students may have been grown in heterogeneous culture, and may not need studying abroad program, as they are already familiar with the different cultures. For example, New york is heterogeneous enough; in Manhattan, there are numerous ‘towns,’ including Chinatown, Koreatown, and Italytown. The streets (towns) preserve and represent the nation’s culture. Therefore, requiring study abroad program to students living in New York City may be unnecessary or over-necessary.

Furthermore, not every students are financially stable to study in college; some students have to work assiduously in order to pay their tuition; however, while they are enrolled their study abroad program, they may not be eligible to obtain working visa due to their status as a student.


World is closely connected, more than ever. Therefore, experiencing different nations, and the subsequent cultures are strongly recommended. However, as aforementioned, requiring studying abroad to every student would be unnecessary or unfair. Therefore, rather than ‘requiring’ students to enroll into a study abroad program impetuously, universities and educators should focus on contemplating students’ various situations and make exceptions or alternative plan accordingly; many universities prioritize racial and cultural diversity as their one of the most important long-term goals. Thus, by utilizing the diversity of the students, a university can develop culture-exchange program as a substitute for students who cannot afford the exchange program.

30분 시간맞춰서 했습니다. 705자 나오네요.. 다음주가 시험인데 몇점정도 나올까요.... 4.0-5.0 나와야하는데..

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