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해석좀 부탁 부탁드려요

신비 | 조회 214 | 추천 6
  • 2017.01.06
  • 글꼴
  • 확대
  • 축소

01 The medical professor’s thesis -- hardly new, but rarely espoused by a faculty member of his distinction -- is that patients are more than the sum of the symptoms and systems.

02 The museum’s compelling new architectural exhibition looks at eleven projects around the world that have had major (i) social impacts despite modest budgets. It is part of (ii) a shift in philosophy in the museum’s architecture and design department, which in the past has championed architecture’s artistic value over its real-world consequences.


03 The notion of film producers as the ogres of the movie business has proved an (i)_ enduring one, but according to The Producers by Tim Adler, it is not always granted in reality. Attacking what he calls the “auteur myth” -- the idea of the director as the single purveyor of art in an industry otherwise peopled with (ii) profit mongers -- he places at the heart of his book an image of the producer, not the director, as the primary (iii) creative force in the development and production of movies.

04 The (i) platitudinous nature of the candidate’s comments is calculated. As a long-standing target of critics who regard him as a radical, he understands that he needs to be as (ii)_ innocuous as possible if he is to overcome those critiques and appear as a (iii) conciliatory leader.

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