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저도 TC 연습자료 몇 문제 올립니다~ (2)

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  • 2016.09.21
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다들 화이팅 하세요!

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1. The mind of a bigot is like the pupil of the eye; the more light you pour upon it, the more it will…….

A) blink 
B) veer 
C) stare 
D) reflect 
E) contract

2. The evil of class and race hatred must be eliminated while it is still in an……state; otherwise it may grow to dangerous proportions.

A) amorphous 
B) embryonic 
C) uncultivated
D) overt 
E) independent

3. The successes of recombinant DNA technology could be……..if testing on live animals is stopped.


A) imperiled 
B) risked 
C) discredited 
D) mitigated 
E) secured

4. More often than not, an uninviting task may yield considerable benefit when undertaken voluntarily, even if the benefits are……..

A) intangible 
B) mysterious 
C) abstract 
D) visible
E) substantial

5. The cognitive paradigm in film theory has diminished hostility and ushered in a growing ________between analytic philosophers and film theorists; indeed, there are now anthologies which feature writers from both _______ sitting comfortably along side each other


A) animosity ... branches 
B) acceptance ... affiliations 
C) rapprochement ... disciplines 
D) re-examination ... sects 
E) dissonance ... disabilities


6.Those who think that machines will play only a _________ role in the next major evolutionary transition are mistaken; these so called inanimate things might even become ____ players, if autonomously evolving machines proliferate.

A) pivotal ... key 
B) supporting ... competitive 
C) marginal ... central 
D) corroborative... substantive 
E) prophetic ... independent


7. Many of the troubles and deficiencies in otherwise thriving enterprises are …… ignored or diminished by the author of the article in order to ….. the ways in which other businesses might attempt to imitate their success.

A) unintentionally - overstate
B) deliberately - stress
C) intermittently - equalize
D) willfully- confound
E) brilliantly - illustrate

8. The pioneers of the teaching of science imagined that its introduction into education would remove the __________ and artificiality which had been characteristic of classical studies, but they were gravely _________.


A) boredom….disanimated
B) pedantry…misapprehended
C) innovativeness…mistaken
D) conventionality….disappointed
E) hedonism…consecrated

9. By providing a ________ system for naming plants and by establishing a standard vocabulary for describing them, Linnaeus made botany into _______ discipline; and in so doing, he made it, for the first time, a well organized subject.

A) scientific… an interesting
B) universal… an orderly
C) rigorous… a subjective
D) systematic…an impregnable
E) multiform… a methodical

10. Since General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics, the two great theories of the 20th century, are fundamentally ________ in structure, we need at least an amendment to general relativity, or, as seems more likely now, a completely new theory to explain the universe as we know it, to _______the two.

A) discordant…relate 
B) incompatible…reconcile
C) flawed…commute
D) sentient…resolve
E) contradictory…ratify




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