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Verbal 문제 다같이 풀어봅시다~ 어렵지 않아요~

GRE | 조회 649 | 추천 0
  • 2016.09.21
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1. In some cultures the essence of magic is its traditional integrity: it can be efficient only if it has been _______ without loss from primeval times to the present practitioner.


(A) conventionalized
(B) realized
(C) transmitted
(D) manipulated
(E) aggrandized


2. Although skeptics say financial problems will probably _______ our establishing a base on the Moon, supporters of the project remain _______, saying that human curiosity should overcome such pragmatic constraints.


(A) beset, disillusioned
(B) hasten, hopeful
(C) postpone, pessimistic
(D) prevent, enthusiastic
(E) allow, unconvinced


3. Before the Second World War, academics still questioned whether the body of literature produced in the United States truly _______ a _______ literature or whether such literature was only a provincial branch of English literature.


(A) symbolized, local
(B) constituted, national
(C) defined, historical
(D) outlined, good
(E) captured, meaningful


4. Many more eighteenth-century novels were written by women than by men, but this dominance has, until very recently, been regarded merely as _______ fact, a bit of arcane knowledge noted only by bibliographers.


(A) a controversial
(B) a statistical
(C) an analytical
(D) an explicit
(E) an unimpeachable


5. All _______ biological traits fall into one of two categories: those giving their possessors greater _______ the environment and those rendering them more independent of it.


(A) widespread, detachment from
(B) beneficial, control over
(C) successful, freedom from
(D) neutral, compatibility with
(E) harmful, advantage in


6. One of archaeology’s central dilemmas is now to reconstruct the _______ of complex ancient societies from meager and often _______ physical evidence.


(A) riddles, obsolete
(B) details, irrefutable
(C) intricacies, equivocal
(D) patterns, flawless
(E) configuration, explicit


7. Just as the authors’ book on eels is often a key text for curses in marine vertebrate zoology, their ideas on animal development and phylogeny _______ teaching in this area.


(A) prevent
(B) defy
(C) replicate
(D) inform
(E) use


8. During the opera’s most famous aria the tempo chosen by the orchestra’s conductor seemed _______, without necessary relation to what had gone before.


(A) capricious
(B) contrite
(C) demure
(D) definitive
(E) dauntless


9. The state of a nation’s science determines its prosperity and political power, and scientists should not _______ this relationship even if their own interest in science is of a less practical nature.


(A) overlook
(B) consider
(C) overestimate
(D) rely on
(E) notice


10. In scientific studies, supporting evidence is much more satisfying to report than are discredited hypotheses, but, in fact, the _______ of errors is more likely to be _______ than is the establishment of probable truth.


(A) formulation, permitted
(B) correction, ignored
(C) detection, useful
(D) accumulation, cordial
(E) deference, credulous

















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