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단어 10문제 공유합니다!

GRE | 조회 965 | 추천 9
  • 2016.09.21
  • 글꼴
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간단하게(?) 단어문제 10문제 풀어보면 좋을 것 같아서

정답은 게시글 가장 하단에 기재해두었습니다. 

1. Paradoxically, altruism may in fact be _______ if it aids only one’s close relatives.

(A) stalwart
(B) beneficent
(C) rancorous
(D) selfish
(E) censorious



2. The pressure of population available resources is the key to understanding history; consequently, any historical writing that takes no cognizance of _______ facts is _______ flawed.

(A) demographic, intrinsically
(B) ecological, marginally
(C) cultural, substantively
(D) psychological, philosophically
(E) political, demonstratively



3. Fenster schemed and plotted for weeks and these _______ were rewarded when Griswold was fired and Fenster was promoted.

(A) circumlocutions
(B) affiliations
(C) gibbering
(D) machinations
(E) renunciations



4. Thomas Jefferson’s decision not to _______ lotteries was sanctioned by classical wisdom, which held that, far from being a _______ game, lots were a way of divining the future and of involving the gods in everyday affairs.

(A) expand, sacred
(B) publicize, vile
(C) condemn, debased
(D) legalize, standardized
(E) restrict, useful



5. Although she was normally a _______ individual, she attacked the heckler who had been interrupting her speech.

(A) perceptive
(B) pusillanimous
(C) peaceful
(D) choleric
(E) boastful



6. Although the feeding activities of whales and walruses give the seafloor of the Bering Shelf a devastated appearance, these activities seem to be actually _______ to the area, _______ its productivity.

(A) destructive, counterbalancing
(B) rehabilitative, diminishing
(C) beneficial, enhancing
(D) detrimental, redirecting
(E) superfluous, encumbering



7. The somber news from the flood-stricken area does not justify the _______ attitude which you are displaying.

(A) lugubrious
(B) sanguinary
(C) belligerent
(D) optimistic
(E) gloomy



8. Noting that few employees showed any _______ for complying with the corporation’s new safety regulations, Peterson was forced to conclude that acceptance of the regulations would be _______, at best.

(A) aptitude, unavoidable
(B) regard, indeterminate
(C) respect, negotiable
(D) patience, imminent
(E) enthusiasm, grudging



9. The observation that nurses treating patients with pellagra did not _______ the disease led epidemiologists to question the theory that pellagra is _______.

(A) risk, deadly
(B) fear, curable
(C) acknowledge, common
(D) contract, contagious
(E) battle, preventable



10. Sometimes fiction is marred by departures from the main narrative, but Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye is instead _______ by its _______, which add levels of meaning of the principal story.

(A) enhanced, digressions
(B) harmed, excursions
(C) adorned, melodramas
(D) strengthened, criticisms
(E) unaffected, circumlocutions

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