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verbal 문제 10개 풀어보아요~

GRE | 조회 959 | 추천 9
  • 2016.09.21
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 Although some of her fellow scientists _______ the unorthodox laboratory methodology than others found innovative, unanimous praise greeted her experimental results: at once pioneering and _______.

(A) ignored, untrustworthy
(B) complimented, foreseeable
(C) welcomed, mundane
(D) decried, unexceptionable
(E) attacked, inconclusive


 Business forecasts usually prove reasonably accurate when the assumption that the future will be much like the past is _______; in times of major _______ in the business environment, however, forecasts can be dangerously wrong.

(A) specified, discontinuities
(B) questioned, surges
(C) renounced, improvements
(D) stipulated, risks
(E) satisfied, shifts


 In their preface, the collection’s editors plead that certain of the important articles they _______ were published too recently for inclusion, but in the case of many such articles, this _______ is not valid.

(A) discussed, replacement
(B) omitted, excuse
(C) revised, clarification
(D) disparaged, justification
(E) ignored, endorsement


 The labor union and the company’s management despite their long history of unfailingly acerbic disagreement on nearly every issue, have nevertheless reached an unexpectedly _______, albeit still tentative, agreement on next year’s contract.

(A) swift
(B) onerous
(C) hesitant
(D) reluctant
(E) conclusive


 The _______ questions that consistently structure the study of history must be distinguished from merely _______ questions, which have their day and then pass into oblivion.

(A) recurrent, practical
(B) instinctive, factual
(C) ingrained, discriminating
(D) philosophical, random
(E) perennial, ephemeral


 That she seemed to prefer _______ to concentrated effort is undeniable; nevertheless, the impressive quality of her finished paintings suggests that her actual relationship to her art was anything but _______.

(A) preparation, passionate
(B) artfulness, disengaged
(C) dabbling, superficial
(D) caprice, considered
(E) indecision, lighthearted


 Although they were not direct _______, the new arts of the Classical period were clearly created in the spirit of older Roman models and thus _______ many features of the older style.

(A) impressions, introduced
(B) translations, accentuated
(C) copies, maintained
(D) masterpieces, depicted
(E) borrowings, improvised


 Marshal Philippe Petain, unlike any other French citizen of this century, has been, paradoxically, the object of both great veneration and great _______.

(A) reverence
(B) interest
(C) empathy
(D) contempt
(E) praise


 Philosophical problems arise when people ask questions that, though very _______, have certain characteristics in common.

(A) relevant
(B) elementary
(C) abstract
(D) diverse
(E) controversial


 Early critics of Emily Dickinson’s poetry mistook for simplemindedness the surface of artlessness that in fact she constructed with such _______.

(A) astonishment
(B) vexation
(C) allusion
(D) innocence
(E) cunning

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